Need an Integrated Pest Management Solution? As part of The Specialists Franchise Group, The Pest Control Specialists™ in Brits is equipped to help eliminate and prevent general pest issues such as household insects, rodents and other pests for both residential and commercial customers throughout the region.


The Specialists franchise group have a local office in Brits, offering pest control & fumigation services to the local citizens. Brits is part of the Madibeng Local Municipality region with suburbs like Beestekraal, Bergsig, Bethanie, Bosplaas, Brits Central, Rural & Industrial, De Kroon, De Wildt Elandsrand, Green Side, Hebron, Jonathan, Klipgat, Kromkuil, Sandrif, Sonop & Tweerivier (only naming a few).

Trusted and recommended pest control since 1978.
  • Integrated Pest Management program for the food and health industries
  • Commercial & domestic pest control expert
  • Rodent control
  • Termite control and soil poisoning
  • Ant, cockroach, flea & bedbug control
  • Professional fumigation & disinfection services

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What is your pest control problem?

snake relocation

Snake Relocation

Bird Control

Bird Control

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Moth Control

Moth Control

Flea Control

Flea Control

Stored Product Insects

Weevil Beetle Control

Carpet Beetle Control

Weed Control

What does pest control services cost?

As we offer a wide range of pest treatment services, it is very difficult to provide an accurate estimate online. We will have to visit your premises to determine the level and kind of infestation problem.

Some factors that influence the cost of a pest control treatment:

The type of pest infestation – What kind of pest problem do you have. Treatment for termites come at a higher cost than treatment for rodents for example. Call The Pest Control Specialists in Brits to come and assist you with the infestation on your property.

The treatment needed – We will have to determine the complexity of the treatment needed, so the method we will use will influence the pest control price. Using a pesticide spray differs from fumigation and each of these come at a different cost. The pest problem will determine the treatment needed.

Property Size – The larger the size of your property, the more chemicals and time will be needed to address your pest control problem successfully.

Level of the pest infestation – The larger the problem, the more time is needed to get rid of it. This will then also play a role in the cost.

How many treatments are needed? – Certain pests require more than one treatment to resolve the problem. Needless to say, this will then also influence the cost.

At The Specialists we offer an Integrated Pest Management Solution. If you have tried to DIY, but not getting the required results, call us today so that we can visit your premises and give you an estimate cost to rid you of the pest problem that exists.




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Food Safety Pest Control

We have a good understanding of the challenges that food and beverage environments have when it comes to pest control. We will help you with a pest control management plan to keep your premises pest free.

By law, pesticides are classified as hazardous chemicals and therefor have to be applied by registered pest control operators. Food facilities must have pest control applications done on a monthly basis. Services are done to HACCP, BRC & ISO standards.

Stop the damaged caused to your property, spreading of diseases, contamination of food and prevent damage to your reputation by calling your local pest control expert to solve the pest problem at your Brits home of business.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

IPM or Integrated Pest Management involves the implementation of a system to manage & prevent pest control infestations. The aim of IPM is to keep pest populations under control while also keeping in mind that the use of pesticides is harmful to the environment and people. Because of this the use of insecticides must be justified and the risk to human life and the environment minimized.

IPM methods include inspection, identification treatment, recommendations, ongoing evaluation & education.

For IPM solutions in Brits, call The Pest Control Specialists.

The history of Brits

Brits is a town in the North West Province of South Africa. The first pioneer that setup camp in the region was Albertus Venter in 1840. He was later joined by the Fourie family that bought a piece of land from him and called it “Ou Werf”. Follow the rest of the history of Brits here.

Today Brits has a strong economy, playing a big role in the mining sector of South Africa. 94% of South Africa’s platinum is produced in the Brits / Rustenburg areas.

We deliver professional pest control services to the following areas:

Brits | Hartbeespoort | Thabazimbi | Northam | Lethlabile | Broederstroom | Marikana | Dwaalboom | Hekpoort | Skeerpoort

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